Exclusively for Burnley FC Norway: Interview with manager Eddie Howe!

The Editorial  proudly present an interview with manager Eddie Howe made exclusively for Burnley FC Norway.

BFC Norge-editorial has with help from Burnleys media manager, Darren Bentley managed to get an interview with manager Eddie Howe, where the gaffer was asked about everything from the trainingprogram to tactisc. Enjoy!

1. You have given the team a new breath of fresh air and adopted a different philosophy in to the team since you took over and last year’s season showed glimpses of a «new» and exciting Burnley. Now that you have spent the summer on tuning the troops and given time to implement your style of play in to the team; what is your (offensive and defensive) philosophy going to be?

Offensively we are looking to build a style that all Burnley fans want to come and watch.
That involves building from the back and looking to pass through midfield. We urge our full backs to get forward and get crosses into the box for the strikers. It’s an open style and we encourage our centre backs to split and get on the ball, then drop a midfielder in and play through midfield.

I think it’s a style that, in time, if we continue to stick to our beliefs, will bring us good rewards.
Defensively, it’s all about getting the shape back as soon as you lose the ball and trying to be hard to beat with two banks of four.

Foto: Burnley Express

2. What area(s) do you feel has (or have) improved most during this season, compared to when you took over as a manager?

I wouldn’t say there is one are that has improved more than any other. The biggest was in terms of the collective group and getting the team spirit and desire in the squad where we want it to be. You get that with all players pulling in the same direction.

3. How would you describe the start of the season and do you feel that the squad have taken in your philosophy and are ready to challenge for promotion?

I feel the squad are definitely together and the team spirit is definitely as good as at any time since I’ve been here. I still feel we have work to do, but after a difficult start, when you consider how late we assembled the squad, there are real signs of picking up and now we are looking for consistency.

4. What would you say your strengths and weaknesses as a head coach/manager are?

I would like to think we are prepared, organized and structured. For me individually, as an overall package, I think everyone can learn and get better and I am continually looking to do that as a manager.

Foto: BurnleyFC.com

5. How would you describe a typical week on the training ground during the season?

Monday we have to be careful that we don’t do too much with the players who have played at the weekend, so we keep it to a short, sharp session, followed by a flexibility session in the gym in the afternoon.

Tuesday, again, into really working on tactics, but a short session based on possession and finishing, with a strength session in the afternoon. On Wednesday the players are usually off and Thursday we begin to work on team shape and how we are going to play. Friday is a fixture of a short, sharp session with set plays and shape.

6. As a former defender, how would you describe your style of coaching and what would you say are the hardest parts of it?

Coaching is very much about trying to improve every player on our books and we use quite a lot of video analysis to try and identify areas of improvement in individuals. We also work with small groups in sessions a lot of the time to coach individually. Sometimes coaching big groups means you can lose that touch.

7. What would you say is the biggest difference from League One, Two and the Championship from a manager’s point of view?

An overall jump in quality, technique, speed and power. In every area, as you step up, there is a noticeable difference. I am sure the Premier League will be the same again. But we are enjoying the challenge of being in one of the best leagues in the world.

Foto: BurnleyFC.com

8. The fans didn’t get a chance too see much of Charlie Austin and Marvin Bartley last season, but both of them have gotten a great start to the season, how do you see their impact on the team since the start of the season?

They have both had very good starts to the season. Charlie has score plenty of goals and will continue to improve. Marvin has impressed everyone I think in the past three games and I’m delighted for him. Hopefully they can both get better.

9. Ben Mee, Kieran Trippier, Keith Treacy and Junior Stanislas have all started impressively. Both Mee and Trippier became popular among the fans, would you describe them as potential permanent signings?

It’s difficult for us to say. They are very talented young players and we are delighted to have them. But we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

10. During the summer several players left Turf Moor and some were worried with the lack of experience and amount of players. You’ve mentioned earlier that you would like to add a few bodies to the squad, what position do you feel needs reinforcing most?

We are short on bodies and we want to improve in all areas if we could.

11. Three strong teams got relegated from the Premier League (Birmingham, Blackpool and West Ham) while three other ambitious teams from League One (Southampton, Brighton and Peterborough) got promoted and the teams are placed on the upper part of the table. Do you see their present position as permanent? And who do you consider as the favourite candidates for promotion – apart from Burnley, of course ?

Foto: BurnleyFC.com

Southampton have made a fantastic start and I think they will compete this season. All the promoted sides usually start well because they carry with them momentum from the previous season and it remains to be seen whether they stay there. But my main focus is on us and the top six has to be the objective.

12. Within a short time of space the club upgraded Gawthorpe along with the gym and a the pitch got a facelift. Are there any more planned projects that you can disclose?

There are always ideas in my head!

13. Hypothetically, if you were to reinforce the squad with a Norwegian player, who would it be?

Brede Hangeland. He’s decent and we could do with a giant centre back!